i. Drone Delivery System Concept stakeholders and beneficiaries

The Provision of UAS based delivery will involve several stakeholders and the concept is directly dependent on those stakeholders and their interest to participate in providing and using the service.

  1. The representatives of the public are the possible beneficiaries through the new kind of delivery services. This concerns delivery to their current location – to the mail address, and instant delivery to places, which are physically separated and costly to deliver by conventional means.
  2. Vendors that are offering online goods – for example, the food sellers with freshly made meals, and all sellers, who’s goods are deliverable by UAs and who sees an opportunity by using this kind of delivery chain.
  3. The UAS companies themselves.

The concept also supports the possible competitors partnering up on some services, for example delivering mail and newspapers to remote locations.

ii. UAS Transport Environment – VINDICO OÜ