v. Drone Delivery System Modules

The Drone Delivery System consists of several functional modules, which according to their main task can be divided into two groups:

  • modules, supporting UAS operations as well as management of infrastructure and its submodules, like load stations, charging stations of external communication means. This subgroup consists of a control and monitoring module, planning module, maintenance module and delivery status monitoring.
  • a second set of functional modules are needed for handling commercial and financial interaction with partners. Logistic module, accounting module and portal belong to the subset of commercial modules.

The Drone Delivery System is linked with external systems via dedicated interfaces or gateways, which are an integral part of the functioning system.

1) Control and Monitoring Module – VINDICO OÜ

2) Logistics Module – VINDICO OÜ

3) Planning Module – VINDICO OÜ

4) Delivery Status Monitoring Module – VINDICO OÜ

5) Maintenance Module – VINDICO OÜ

5) Maintenance Module – VINDICO OÜ

7) Goods unLoading Station – VINDICO OÜ

8) Accounting Module – VINDICO OÜ