Vindico Drone Delivery System

Executive Summary

In recent years, drones have become one of the most appealing terms in the aviation industry, which bring innovation, new markets and jobs, and novel services in an ever more digitalised, interconnected environment. Drones enable significant economic activity. It offers many potential use cases that can ultimately deliver substantial economic, social and environmental benefits.

This document is the Executive Summary of Vindico OÜ Operational Services and Environment Description – Vindico OSED or V-OSED – for developing the prototype for a Drone Delivery System in the Estonian U-space environment in accordance with the vision created by Vindico OÜ.

It describes the concept of operations and interactions between actors and services concerned and defines the operational services, environments, scenarios, use cases and requirements for the Drone Delivery System.

The Vindico vision is to establish an innovative and efficient system that proposes a new option for integration of Unmanned Aircrafts or drones into the Estonian transport system.

The expected benefits of the Drone Delivery System are to rapidly dispatch packages to logistics hubs or directly to customers, improving the speed and quality of services.

a. Summary of Operational Concept – VINDICO OÜ

b. Operating Method – VINDICO OÜ

c. Operations Control Centre – VINDICO OÜ