iii. Data Sharing

This concept is designed to support data sharing between the partners: drone companies, e-vendors, customers, U-space service providers. Data will be shared through ADS-B messages, telecom networks, additionally shall be used by a direct connection provided by UA manufacturers.

The data to be exchanged belongs to the next main categories:

1.     Information needed for UAS operations in a UTM environment (flight plans, airspace data, information to/from ATC, ADS-B In and Out).

2.     Access to public services like meteorological information, maps.

3.     Any information with partners on a commercial level. The data to be exchanged is needed for planning of UAS operations, updates of delivery status, settling of accounts, customer and partner portals for placing orders and tracking delivery status.

4.     Maintenance of service and load modules and monitoring their working conditions.

5.     Interfaces with UAS operator’s infrastructure for exchanging UAs surveillance and command data, fleet management.

All the Stakeholders will exchange information related to UAS operations. State operator will establish Common Information Service (CIS) to provide a secure open protocol for data exchange between all airspace users, including ATM, for a common operating picture and situational awareness where necessary.

iv. Drone Delivery Service Build-up – VINDICO OÜ