b. Operating Method

The overall DDS concept integrates and uses several existing services and technologies, just integrating them together in a different environment and in a different way:

  1. Concept is aimed at supporting online sellers; it is by nature a last mile delivery concept and therefore focussed on local online markets and localised delivery.
  2. Concept is like local home delivery services which every contemporary food store chain has set up and, to services delivering prepared meals from restaurants. Instead of trucks, bikes and cars for courier delivery, Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) solutions will be used.
  3. The general objective of the DDS is to be an integrator of relevant parties/operators. The objective is to create a core system that provides efficiency, support and resource sharing, a platform from which all partners will benefit.
  4. System is designed as a cellular network where the current Unmanned Aircraft (UA) physical characteristics will constrain and limit the area of operations. From one side it limits the area of service provision, from the other side it encourages developers to create an unlimited number of independently operating service cells.

i. Drone Delivery System Concept stakeholders and beneficiaries – VINDICO OÜ

ii. UAS Transport Environment – VINDICO OÜ

iii. Data Sharing – VINDICO OÜ

iv. Drone Delivery Service Build-up – VINDICO OÜ

v. Drone Delivery System Modules – VINDICO OÜ