i. Operating methods and Roles within OCC

There will be two primary roles executed in an OCC – Operator and Support managers.

The Operator’s main responsibility shall be running the system and monitoring the ongoing tasks. Operator will handle all the issues that are interfering or stopping the operational flow. Technically any incoming request from the system or partners that halts the process will be handled by the Operator.

As an Operator is responsible for running tasks, therefore he/she should be at least in prototype phase be responsible for direct flying operations, that is take offs and landings, including the package/cargo release to final customer.

The Support will have several tasks, that are mainly with longer reaction time, or require activities outside the OCC:

  • Maintenance – in the prototype phase the manual checking of UASs for system errors, technical issues, and damages is expected.
  • Charging operations and battery replacement activities for the arrived UAs.
  • Support tasks related to Client feedback and issues related to mishandled deliveries, possible cases with UAs emergency landings, etc.

ii. Drone Delivery Service Operational concept – VINDICO OÜ