Who we are / Who and what is Vindico

Vindico OÜ is a company established to develop the drone transport service

We have the knowledge:

  • in the field of air traffic management
  • Developments in the field of UTM and U-space

Our ambition is to create a modern system of drone transport and services based on the capabilities and cooperation of domain stakeholders.

Vindico is your noteworthy and reliable partner.

Why are we doing this?

  • Innovative and interesting activity
  • We can see how the preconditions for the development of drone transport have emerged in the market
  • Similar processes in America, China, etc
  • Europe today is focused on U-space environment and regulations
  • There are big opportunities - cheep to develop/IT based solutions/ new services 
  • Opportunity to be the first in a new market


To build a software system and to facilitate development of modules/components that enables cooperation in the field of drone transport between the following parties:

  • Suppliers (sellers of goods and services, energy sector, agriculture, public sector, medicine)
  • Consumers
  • Drone operators

and interface with the ‘U-space’ support system

  • Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system operators
  • Common Information Service (CIS) providers