SORA Consultation

Aitame teil saada droonioperatsioonidele heakskiidu. Kas soovite lennata BVLOS lendu või inimeste kogunemise lähedale? Kas soovite sooritada öise lennu? Kas teie droon kaalub üle 30 kg?
SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment) is a multi-step risk assessment process aimed at risk analysis of the operation of an unmanned aerial vehicle, as well as describing the necessary mitigation measures and operational safety objectives and defining the reliability required for them.

With the SORA (Specific Operation Risk Analysis) risk assessment process, we can carry out a risk analysis and assess the severity of the operation, find the best solution for flying your drone.
• No aviation background required
• Full risk assessment
• Communication with relevant authorities

SORA's consulting service takes over your application process completely and helps to get approval for your operations.

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