Participation in the drafting of the Latvian UAS concept

In October 2021, Vindico OÜ entered into an agreement with AS Latvijas gaisa satiksme to participate in the preparation of the UAS Concept of Latvia and to provide related consulting services.
To date, the work has been successfully completed and accepted by AS Latvijas gaisa satiksme.
Olga Mašinskaja, Chairman of the Management Board of Vindico OÜ, said that the work was challenging and she is glad that the Vindico team accepted it and the work was done successfully. She also looks with interest at the developments in the Estonian market in the direction of U-space and unmanned aviation and hopes that the experience gained will be applied here as well. After successful GOF projects, many companies involved in unmanned aerial vehicles and U-space developments are looking to the Baltics for new and exciting ventures.

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