Tartu Aviation Ecosystem Development Day

On August 23, the Estonian Aviation Academy hosted the Tartu Aviation Ecosystem Development Day – a brainstorming session on the topic “From tourist flights to the climate-neutral transport development centre”.

An interesting and necessary discussion of the development perspectives of regional aviation was organized by the Tartu County Development Society, the Estonian Aviation Academy, Tartu Science Park, the City of Tartu and the Estonian Aviation Cluster. The workshops during the day discussed topics

  • Why and for whom the development of the Tartu aviation ecosystem is necessary
    What problems does it help to solve and who are the main target groups
  • How future aviation can help differentiate, create a competitive advantage
  • Which development ideas are a priority, what are the first steps of development activities
  • How could the Tartu aviation ecosystem function ideally, what could be the parties, their roles.

The need to establish a future technology development centre based on Tartu Airport and the Estonian Aviation Academy was emphasized as a priority activity, where the most topical issues were climate-neutral aviation and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

In addition to the main organizers mentioned above, many companies and organizations related to aviation in the region and Estonia, including Vindico, contributed to the success of the event. The day ended with discussions on the topic on a joint boat trip on the Emajõgi River.

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